Better engagement. Better results.

Effective feedback channels are essential to organizational health.

Get the most honest feedback and improve your business with Compini.

  • Capture input not revealed in surveys, 1-on-1 reviews, or chat/messaging.
  • Avoid gossip, stagnation, and caustic public reviews by engaging your workforce directly in continuous improvement.
  • Boost performance and retention with better alignment across teams.
  • Build a more innovative culture by empowering your employees to advance new ideas and remove obstacles themselves.

Organizations use Compini to:

  • Test the credibility of new initiatives.
  • Identify and evaluate alternatives in real time.
  • Broach difficult issues that need resolution.
  • Commend individuals and teams for their achievement.

Compini ROI Calculator

Number of employees: 200
Average annual salary: $40,000






*Reflects minimum 1% cost savings through increased productivity and lower employee turnover (15% payroll burden).

Your people are your greatest expense and best investment.
Maximize your workforce ROI with Compini.

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