General FAQ

What is Compini?

Compini (from “company” + “initiative”) is a platform that helps your organization continuously improve. Its integrated tools allow you to share feedback and evaluate ideas anonymously, leading to better quality input and results.


COM-pi-ni? com-PI-ni?

We pronounce Compini like “company”, except with the “com” as in “compliment” or "comprehend".


Why should I use Compini?

On average, people are working at ever larger organizations for shorter periods of time. Despite billions in spending, employee (and student) engagement levels haven't budged. Compini provides a means for radically candid dialogue and evaluation in a way that surveys and public forums can't. The result is a more engaged and responsive culture where the best new ideas can (and do) come from anyone within your organization.


How does Compini work?

After signing up for an account, any verified member of your organization can post new topics, comment on existing ones, and vote on which are most important and/or helpful in moving things forward. Over time, items with the most upvotes (vs. the loudest single voices) percolate to the top, getting noticed by management and co-workers alike as most important to address.


For employees

Do I have to reveal who I am when posting?

No. You are free to post as "hikerguy72", "TolstoyFan", or any other username you prefer (just don't use any one else's real name).

If I'm able to conceal my identity, why are you asking me for my business email?

Compini uses your email address to verify your affiliation with an organization -- it is not shared without your express permission (e.g. taking public ownership of an initiative). For more information on the steps we take to protect your anonymity, please consult our privacy policy.

I don't like the username I chose. Can I change it?

You are free to abandon your account and sign up with a new username at any time. Any prior postings retain their original author attribute.


For management

We already conduct surveys. How is Compini different?

Surveys provide a useful snapshot of employee sentiment at any given time. However, they have some major inherent drawbacks, including:

  • Top-down questions offer little or no opportunity to address important issues that may not be covered by existing prompts.
  • Periodic and/or infrequent administration captures feedback as a lag indicator, offering no opportunity to respond proactively.
  • Low participation rates tend to skew towards outliers, providing a misleading and possibly inaccurate assessment of organizational health.

In addition to its discussion and reporting tools, Compini also offers a polling system that allows for ongoing feedback to customized prompts.

Why are employees allowed to use a pseudonym when posting?

Paradoxically, open and transparent communication is often more effective when people can keep their identity undisclosed (as seen here), allowing readers to remove any possible bias between message and messenger. While many Compini users choose to use their real name as their username, this is not required.


What about “trolling”?

Compini provides all users with a means to downvote unhelpful comments and report any abuse. Managers with moderator rights can also immediately and permanently ban anyone who doesn't follow the (very simple) rules. As Compini forums may only be viewed by others within one's own organization, people have avoided creating a toxic environment for themselves and the need for moderator intervention is extremely rare. Far more commonly, people use Compini to recognize each other's efforts for positive, often unsung contributions that go above and beyond.


Is Compini going to be another demand on my time and that of my colleagues?

Compini customers report a major time savings when using the platform, especially in:

  • Gathering and compiling feedback: New initiatives can be vetted, approved, and acted on without lengthy email threads or duplicate efforts.
  • Issue identification and resolution: Potential issues of common concern are discovered and resolved proactively in a transparent, collaborative environment.
  • Corporate memory: Rather than answer different versions of the same question multiple times (and risking misunderstanding between responses), management can address a topic universally for current and future employees alike.

Compini is expressly designed to promote and reward long-term communication rather than constant notification: The average user spends seven minutes on-site, three times per month, during which they are able to read, comment, vote, and post about what is top of mind without sending or forwarding a single email.


How difficult would it be to implement Compini within my organization?

Compini is designed to be a turn-key, easy-to-use solution requiring little or no user training. As a hosted service that provides for "neutral ground", no integration with existing systems or networks is required. APIs are available for incorporation of certain features within existing intranets.


How much does Compini cost?

Compini offers unlimited use of all features for one flat rate based on your organization's size. For current pricing, please contact us.


How can I find out more?

We're always interested in exploring partnerships with those looking to build and reap the benefits of a culture of continuous improvement. Please contact us to schedule a brief (and worry-free) conversation.

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